30 Ideas For Your 30th Birthday Party

This is it, the big 3-OH! You’ve finally made it to the next big phase in your life – your 30th birthday. Whether you’re sliding into this new chapter with a cheer or anticipating it with feat, the time has come to seriously consider your options for your big dirty 30. Strap yourself in and get ready to party with our list of 30 ideas for your 30th birthday party.


1. Go somewhere you’ve never been before

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or you’ve never set foot out of the country, take a trip to somewhere exotic and get lost exploring a whole new world.


2. Host a photo night

Did someone say “blonde tips”? Prepare to giggle and cringe with a best-of showcase of every snap from the nineties and noughties that you tried to bury.


3. Do a cocktail making class

You’re a proper grown up now and that means it’s time to stop pretending vodka and pineapple juice is a cocktail. Grab a few friends and learn to make something a little more creative – and then drink a whole lot of them!

Cocktail Party 30th Birthday

4. Shop ‘til you drop

It’s probably time about time to retire those boob tubes you’ve had since you were 17 – so why not just update your entire wardrobe (and shoe shelf), while you’re at it.


5. Throw a 1930s themed party

Flappers, dappers and Humphrey Bogart – what’s not to love about the 1930s? Get all dolled up and ready to jitterbug.


6. Go for a nudie run

Not for the faint of heart, shake off those inhibitions and dare to bare with a dash down the street (maybe not yours) in your birthday suit.


7. Have a makeover

Start the next chapter in your life’s journey with a whole new look! Whether it’s changing up your hair colour or treating yourself to some designer threads, turn the page (and a few heads) on your birthday.

30th Birthday Party Makeover

8. Connect with some old friends on Facebook

We all lose touch with people over time – why not rekindle some old friendships and reminisce over good times had? Facebook makes it easier than ever to find that 3rd grade bestie!


9. Spend a day at a spa

Prepare for your big night of 30th birthday party celebrations with a little pre-party pampering and book in for a long massage and some relaxing treatment at a day spa.


10. Hire a hotel room

Go big or go home! Why not treat yourself to some fluffy slippers and a 5-star snooze in a luxury hotel. Hello room service?


11. Have a degustation dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town

You only turn 30 once, so what better excuse to indulge at that expensive restaurant, bar or venue you’ve had on your to-do list forever? 12 course dinner, here we come.


Thirty Ideas for your 30th Birthday Party

12. Get a tattoo

Sorry mum! Commemorate the big 3-Oh with a little ink. Just remember, while portraits of your nana may seem like a great idea at the time, it may back fire on your next blind date.


13. Photo booth

Give your birthday snaps a super personal touch with your very own photo booth at your 30th birthday party! Just remember to bring along lots of fun props and prepare for some laughs.


14. Plan a flash mob

Surprise your guests and delight a few strangers with your very own choreographed flash mob! There’s no better feeling than those 15 minutes of YouTube fame!


15. Learn to dance

You might have been born with two left feet but it’s never too late to teach a more mature dog some new tricks. Sign up to a sexy salsa class or learn how to tango – arriba!

30th Birthday Party ideas Brisbane: Dance Lessons

16. Jump out of a plane

Go on, live a little! Nothing is more exhilarating than jumping out of a plane at 30,000 feet – except maybe that first sip of the cocktail waiting for you on the ground.


17. Hire a limo

Stretch out in serious luxury and arrive at your party in style, because nothing says you’re aging gracefully quite like your very own chauffeur.


18. Run a marathon

Well why not? You’re still in the prime of your life – celebrate your youth while you’ve still got it and get fit while doing it!


19. Do a shot (or 5) for old times sake

So you’re a little rusty when it comes to partying, but you’ll be back in the saddle in no-time. It’s as easy as 1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, FLOOR!

30th Birthday Cocktail Party

20. Give it your all at karaoke

Load up all of your favourite tracks from the past three decades and battle it out on the microphone with your mates. Bonus points for duets or co-ordinated dance moves.


21. Take a helicopter ride

Unlock your inner James Bond and take to the skies with your very own private tour of Brisbane.


22. Learn about good wine

You’re 30 now – it’s time to leave the cheap casks on the shelf where they belong. Head to a wine tasting and start learning the ins and outs of real vino – even if you don’t learn anything, at least you’ll get a free drink out of it.


23. Kiss a stranger

Get up to some frisky business and steal a smooch from a beautiful stranger – just make sure you get permission from your better half first.

30th Birthday Art Classes

24. Get artistic

Unleash you inner Picasso and get creative with a very grown up art class (including plenty of wine) – or even better skip straight to #25.


25. Pose for a life drawing class

The body is a beautiful thing, so why not flaunt what your mamma gave you and pose for a life drawing class? If all else fails, it will make for a great story to tell at your 40th.


26. Volunteer at an animal shelter

While we would like to pretend that this one has something to do with taking the moral high ground, we both know that all we really want is an excuse to cuddle some adorable kittens.

30th Birthday Party: Kittens

27. 1930s movie marathon

Feeling a little ancient? Spend a night watching a few of the classics, from Gone with the Wind to The Wizard of Oz, and you won’t feel quite so old in no time at all.


28. Make a time capsule

Lock away a little piece of history with a cool time capsule. Ask all of your guests to bring along something special or write down a message, seal it up and lock it away until your 60th birthday bash!


29. 30 days of 30!

Why just stop at one night? Set yourself a challenge to do thirty interesting things over thirty days – just be sure to document it on Facebook for everyone to see!


30. Book Brisbane’s best 30th birthday venue!

You’ve got the dress, the games and the killer theme, so there’s nothing left to do except nail down the perfect Brisbane party venue. You know you deserve the best, so why settle for anything less the best. Find one of the best function venues online.


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