22 February 2019 at 7:34 pm | Functions | No comment

5 reasons to head out for the footy final

We were set to have a ball this Queen’s Birthday weekend as it was – and then the footy finals came into our calendars to pave the way for the hottest long weekend of the year!


With the AFL final running on Saturday 1 October and NRL chasing it up with a Sunday full of footy, you’ll need all Monday to recover (lucky it’s a public holiday)!


Check out our top 5 reasons to head into town for your footy final of choice.


  1. You’ll keep those fridge beers safe


Barry, mate, we love ya, but we don’t want to spend the whole day stashing away our best beers. Keep your cold ones stored safely by leading the boys out for footy brews.


With plenty on tap at the Park Bar, you’ll never have to worry about those golden stores running dry.


  1. Watch the tries on the big screen


Not sure if you’re looking at the line ref or a speck of dust? For an event this big, it’s worth up-sizing your TV screen. Don’t pull out the nanna glasses to see the game-winning try – head to the Pineapple Hotel for a screening worthy of the final.


  1. Ditch the frozen party pies


There’s a time to whip out the box of party pies (lazy Thursdays when the girlfriend’s out, anyone?), but the premiership is totally not one of them. Rather than dashing to the oven every 5 minutes to check if they’re still cold in the middle (hint: they are), stop by the Park Bar for Piney parmies, wings, burgers, and pizzas.


  1. Keep your seat safe and sound


We’ve all got that friend who rocks up late, so rather than watching your footy clock like a hawk (and guarding your bar table like an angry badger), lock in your reservation at The Pineapple Hotel.


With spaces in the Plantation Room and the Park Bar kept open for your booking, you won’t have to worry about heading in late and standing at the bar all game.


  1. Victory beers – need we say more?


Seriously – we all know victory beers taste completely different from by-the-pool beers or regular-Tuesday beers. Don’t deprive yourself of those sweet post-footy celebrations!