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Australia Day 2017: Brisbane’s Best Australia Day Event

Australia Day 2017

Australia Day 2017 is on its way and that just means one thing, it’s time to dust off those thongs, nab yourself a slab and get ready to celebrate living year round in the best dang country in the whole wide world.

Australia Day 2017: What’s On
– Pineapple Thowing Contest
– Triple J’s Hottest 100
– Live music & entertainment
– Cold beverages
– Restaurant bookings available

Australia Day 2017: Restaurant Bookings

If you would like to reserve a table for Australia Day 2017, please call our restaurant Ph.  (07) 3393 1111



Australia Day 2017: The Pineapple Hotel

So when it comes to Australia Day in Brisbane there’s only one way to do it right, and that’s with a cracking day out at the Pineapple Hotel.

So whether you’re true blue, born and bred or just an Aussie at heart (we’re looking at you Kiwis) let our friendly team take care of your January 26th with a day of fun and festivity guaranteed to bring a patriotic tear to your eye.


Make it count on Australia Day with Brisbane’s best tunes:

Summer just isn’t summer without a cracking soundtrack to accompany it, which is why this Australia Day, Brisbane’s best selection of tunes is with us! Hang out downstairs in the Park Bar and catch some of the best local acts light up the stage for a cracking afternoon of live music and ice-cold beers with your mates. Or keep the flames of tradition burning with our Triple J hottest 100 party and countdown to the year’s #1 party anthem (who are we kidding, just give Flume the bloody title and call it a day already).


The Australia Day 2017 Pineapple Throwing Competition

12 grueling months of cross-fit gains has led to this moment, so it’s time to flex your muscles and get ready for glory with our official Australia Day pineapple throwing competition. Earn the respect (and envy) off all your mates, and land yourself some serious cash with Brisbane’s most prestigious competition of strength, grace and beauty – try and keep a straight face.

Whatever your style, grab yourself an ice-cold round of beers, get in touch with your inner patriot simply no place and celebrate Australia Day 2017 with a true blue day out at the Pineapple Hotel.