Corporate Function Ideas & Team Building Activities

16 Corporate Function Ideas & Team Building Activities

Looking for corporate function ideas? Let’s be honest good ones can be few and far between. Between trying to wrangle the whole office together and lock down the one day a year everyone is available (not including Michelle from accounts who seems to be permanently on holiday in Bali) and locking down a semi-decent venue, you’re way too knackered to even consider coming up with some fun corporate activities that don’t involve stapling things to Kevin from ITs forehead.

Corporate team building isn’t often viewed as the most exciting thing in the world, but it’s what you’ve gotta do to create and maintain the A team you dream of at work. If you’re struggling to come up with corporate function ideas and team building activities that won’t solicit a unified groan from everyone in the office, look no further than this list of our favourites.

Corporate Function Ideas

Corporate Function Idea 1. Make ‘em laugh!

Corporate catch-ups can be dry events at the best of times – especially when the boss has been stingy with the bar tab – so if you’re looking to keep the team’s spirits lifted during the day, consider hiring a comedian to lighten the mood. But if you’re planning to get the host to take the mickey out of your boss remember to keep it light and funny (mannerisms and expressions are funny) not personal (bald spots and their wife are not).

Corporate Function Idea 2. Play that funk-tion music!

Put some serious groove into your corporate entertainment with a talented and funny musician to break up the day. Whether it’s a mean mariachi band, a barbershop quartet (yes, they’re still a thing!) or an acoustic musician with a great sense of humour, this is a corporate function idea that is guaranteed to break the ice. Bonus points if you can get them to make up a song about the company or the industry you work in.

Corporate Function Idea 3. Once upon a time…

As anyone that has been stuck in a slow elevator with the office lothario knows, some people are blessed with the gift of the gab…others not so much. But when it comes to corporate entertainment with a little more depth, there’s nothing like hiring a truly gifted story teller to capture the office’s attention. For a truly successful event try getting your MC to weave a message about the goal of the event or meeting through the whole day.

Corporate Function Idea 4. Look into my eyes.

Whether you’re looking to get your boss to cluck like a chicken or dying to get to the bottom of who has been leaving smears of butter in the vegemite, booking a hypnotist can provide a serious element or a comedic tone to your corporate activities. But be warned, effects may take…bwark…some time…bwark…to wear off.

Corporate Function Idea 5. Local hero to the rescue!

Coming up with a great corporate function ideas can feel like a task fit for a superhero, but sometimes just a local hero is enough to get the job done. Tracking down an inspirational speaker, local athlete, celebrity or award winner to host your event can give the inspirational edge that you need to capture the crowd’s attention.

Corporate Team Building Ideas

Corporate Function Idea 6. Trivia with ‘tude

If there’s one thing you can be sure everyone has in common it’s work, and that means you’re all experts on the office. Come up with a list questions specific to where you work and see who knows the office so well they’ve memorised the colour of the kitchen tiles.

Inspired by one of Australia’s favourite past-times why not borrow a tip from your local pub with a creative game of corporate trivia. Featuring industry specific topics including questions about the company’s history and staff it’s the perfect ice breaker to kick off your catch-up!

Corporate Function Idea 7. Do you trust me?

Sometimes you just need to get your team up and about to them excited for the year ahead, so why not borrow from some tried and true corporate activites like blindfold challenges, back to back drawing and balloon sculptures? If all else fails you’ll at least get a great giggle out of watching Michael from head office try to rig the three-legged race by constructing a third leg out of cotton wool and a pair of old panty-hose.

Finally, the best way to guarantee a creative entertainment experience is to have the performer or performers customize their acts to your event or meeting. This creates a memorable experience guests are sure to remember for a long time.

Have our ideas got you excited to lock in your next corporate entertainment? Let our friendly team take care of all the minor details so you can focus on the task of finding a musician who can rhyme ‘banker’ with something other than ‘w….’ nevermind.

Corporate Function Idea 8: Coat of Arms

Get the creativity flowing and get groups of four to use nothing but pens and paper to create a coat of arms for the office. Get them to include things they think visually represent the company and the office, and give an added incentive to ace it by putting the winning design on display in the office.

Tiki Hens Party Theme

Corporate Function Idea 9: Cocktail Hour

Getting everyone out of the office is always a popular idea, and nothing bonds people more than some delicious food and a drink or two. Make the most of your team building time in our Parkview room with a mid-week midday cocktail hour. Enjoy some nibbles and order from your own private bar. We promise the office will be lively that afternoon.

Corporate Function Ideas

Corporate Function Idea 10: Drinks on the Deck

If a mid-week cocktail hour doesn’t work, it’s the perfect excuse to cut the work short on a Friday and enjoy some early after work drinks in our Baines St room. Nothing boosts morale like a team outing, especially when there’s a drink or two and a park view involved.

Corporate Function Idea 11: Scavenger Hunt

An oldie but a goodie, a scavenger hunt is the perfect way to unite the whole team with a common goal. Make it interesting by telling everyone to dress in a team theme (like all red, or all stripes) and send them on their merry way with a list of clues or items to find.

Corporate Function Idea 12: Think Outside of the Box

Lateral thinking is an invaluable skill in the work place and out-of-the-box corporate team building activities are the perfect way to encourage it. Try a paintball session, hire some sumo suits or even give human mattress dominoes a go. Whatever idea you go with, we guarantee everyone will be pleasantly surprised.

Corporate Team Building Activities

Corporate Function Idea 13: Karaoke

Let’s face it, karaoke is a classic, and it’s not going anywhere. Assuage the anxiety of your colleagues who are less than confident in their singing abilities by running a duet or ensemble challenge, but keep it open to individuals as well for some truly priceless memories.

Corporate Function Idea 14: Create Your Own

Finding it hard to come up with corporate team building exercises that’ll suit everyone? Take the pressure off and let your team decide. It’ll test their collaborative skills, critical thinking and encourage teamwork, plus no one can complain if they choose the exercises themselves.

Corporate Team Building Ideas

Corporate Function Idea 15: Paper Planes

Why does anyone ever stop making paper planes? Revive everyone’s love for carefully curating sharp angles and aerodynamics and get teams together to create the ultimate paper plane. Not only will the design process test your team’s collaborative skills, it’ll be an activity you can contest on a regular basis in the office too.

Corporate Function Idea 16: Make a Mural

For an artistic twist on corporate team building, get everyone together to paint, draw and decorate a large canvas that will find a home on the office wall. It’ll encourage creativity, collaboration and problem solving, and you’ll get a visual reward for your efforts too.

Searching for More Corporate Team Building Ideas & Activities?

When you’re ready to ditch the boring team building and take things to the next level, your nomination for best boss ever is only one click away.

We’ve all felt it, that inevitable clenching feeling in your jaw when you know you’re due for another corporate catch up. That awful time of year when you and all of your colleagues get rounded up and dumped in a cold and boring corporate function venue with nothing but a tray of sandwiches and some name tags to keep you occupied – the horror!

It doesn’t have to be this way, picking your next team building venue in Brisbane is super simple when you leave it our capable hands. Forget the stuffy old corporate snoozer, we’ve got three reasons why casual corporate functions are the best kind of functions.

Corporate Team Building Ideas Brisbane

What are the Benefits of Corporate Team Building?

The big bosses sure do love to throw those two words around don’t they? But everyone knows that corporate team building is better with a drink in your hand and smile on your face. That’s why picking the right corporate function venue in Brisbane can make or break your next bonding session.

Corporate Team Building Benefit 1: Increased Motivation

The closer we get to the silly season the harder it can be to get your team motivated – and face it, a tray of party pies and some balloons just isn’t going to cut it! Inspire your co-workers with a fun affair at Brisbane’s favourite corporate functions venue! Our extensive range of food and beverage packages are sure to please from moreish canapés to gourmet BBQ’s (no dodgy snags here, think juicy fillet steaks and tender herbed kebabs), it’s a sure fire way to make your next corporate function a hit.

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Corporate Team Building Benefit 2: Increased Productivity

A happy office is productive office and nothing makes us happier than a smashing party at a great functions venue. Reward your hard working team with a killer spread like our buffet menu, loaded with fresh seafood, whole roasted legs of ham, festive salads and finished off with a range of decadent desserts like salted caramel and sticky date puddings. Throw down a little extra and shout your team a 4-hour beverage package complete with their choice of beer, wine and spirits. Nothing says #1 boss quite like a fully loaded corporate function with bar tab to match.

So, ditch the stuffy digs and throw those name tags in the trash, because when it comes to picking a corporate function venue, you just can’t beat our ideas.

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