Brilliant Hens Party Ideas Everyone Will Love

6 Brilliant Hens Party Ideas Everyone Will Love

So you got stuck planning your bestie’s hen’s night? We feel your pain, between trying endless slices of cake, searching for function room reviews and coming up with a creative hen’s party theme is the last thing on your mind. We’ve done the hard yards crawling through Pinterest to create the best 6 hen’s party ideas to help you get through the planning process and we promise you’ll like them so much, you’ll want to put a ring on them.

Disney Hens Party Ideas

Hens Night Theme 1: Disney Princess

There’s a little princess inside all of us (yes, even your Uncle Kevin, trust us we’ve seen the photos) so why not take the opportunity to celebrate the bride-to-be finding her very own prince charming with a Disney hen’s night.

The Food
Want to make it past the stroke of midnight without turning into a pumpkin? Then you are going to need to make sure you’ve got more than a poison apple to keep you going. Make your hen’s party in Brisbane really stand out from the crowd with a selection of fairy tale inspired cocktails and canapés. Love your Little Mermaid? How about tender grilled scallops served on the half shell, the best part is that once you’re done eating you can DIY your very own shell bikini a la Ariel.

The Costume
Speaking of shell bikinis can we take a moment to discuss the costume opportunities, because when it comes to nailing those hens party themes there’s nothing like a killer get up to help you get down. But be warned, a little prior preparation can go a long way to ensure that your Disney princess hen’s night party doesn’t become an impromptu Elsa from Frozen reunion. As much as you love to keep your costume a surprise, you should probably ‘let it go’ and make an effort to co-ordinate your outfit before the big night, and avoid any embarrassing double ups.

The Styling
Looking for a little hen’s party inspiration to make your venue really stand out? Pump up the atmosphere of your function room with some Disney inspired décor and decorate your tables with custom tiaras, fairy floss and bubble blowers. Just because you’re a little bit grown up doesn’t mean your hen’s party has to be.

The Games
Speaking of grown ups, did somebody say party games? Make your hen’s night in Brisbane one to remember with some Disney princess games. Think pin the kiss on the frog, Cinderella’s slipper hide ‘n’ seek and musical magic carpets.

 Hollywood Hens Party Idea

Hens Night Idea 2: Hollywood Superstars

Is your bride-to-be mad for Tinsel town, why not throw a hen’s party fit for Hollywood royalty?

The Food
If you’re looking to throw an elegant hen’s party worthy of an academy award, then you’re going to need the menu to match, so nothing less than cocktails and canapés will do. From fresh oysters and miniature beef mignon to individual bruschetta with fresh Roma tomatoes, don’t let your Hollywood hen’s night go without the decadence it deserves.

Hollywood Hens Party Ideas

The Costumes
It’s kind of a no-brainer that a Hollywood Superstar hen’s night theme is not complete without some killer costumes. But a word from the wise, when it comes to pick out the perfect costume aim for Audrey Hepburn not Kim Kardashian, you’ll thank us later.

The Styling
Transforming your hen’s party venue into your very own Hollywood away from home is a breeze as long as you aren’t afraid to get a little creative. Think popcorn, cameras and video screens playing old black and white classics.

The Games
When it comes to picking the perfect party games for your hen’s night in Brisbane we think the wackier and wilder the better. Why not make your friends act out the brides favourite movie scene (did somebody say ‘insta-famous) or pin the arrest warrant on the celebrity?

Pokemon Hens Party Ideas

Hens Night Idea 3: Pokémon

The bride to be may have caught her perfect match, but that doesn’t mean she can’t still ‘catch ‘em all’ at her very own Pokemon themed hen’s party!

The Food
While you might be hard pressed getting your hands on a roasted Pikachu at such short notice, at least you can have the very best gourmet BBQ this side of Brisbane. With a huge selection of fresh seafood, grilled vegetables and tender marinated meats to choose from you may just need a pokedex to help you keep track of the variety.

The Costumes
You can’t help but admire the bravery of someone attempts to pull off the ‘naughty bulbasaur’ look.

Hens Party Theme Pokemon

The Styling
Make your hen’s night venue really pop by turning it into your very own bride-to-be Poke-gym! Then grab your Pokeballs and get ready to battle it out for to be the very best bridesmaid like no one ever was. Bonus points for creating your own challenge badges *Cue theme song!

The Games
Want to earn your title as the best Poke-bridesmaid of all time? Then it’s time to step up your hen’s party in Brisbane with your very own set of challenges. Catch a Wild Turkey shot from the bar, tame the hottest guy in the venue and level up your evening by evolving it into a week long party. Tequila shot, I choose you!

Mad Hatter Hens Party Theme

Hens Night Idea 4: Mad Hatter Tea Party

Don’t be late for this very important date! Give your Brisbane hen’s party a touch of magic with your very own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – BYO White Rabbit.

The Food
So much more than just your run of the mill morning tea, a proper Mad Hatter’s hen’s party calls for menu with a little more mystery and magic. Think fluffy scones with house made jam, hand crafted finger sandwiches and sweets. Don’t forget to add miniature ‘eat me’ and ‘drink me’ signs for maximum effect.

The Costumes

The bride to be might the Queen of Hearts on her big day, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose your head coming up with a great costume for her hen’s party. From Alice to the Cheshire Cat there’s no shortage of iconic characters to portray. Just remember to keep it classy – no one wants to see the jabberwocky in fishnet stockings.

The Styling

Whether you’re looking to recreate that famous house of cards scene or capture an enchanted forest in full swing, when it comes to function venue styling, this creative hen’s party idea the sky is the limit. Keep it fun and off-beat with vintage tea cups, mismatched cutlery and twinkling fairy lights.

The Games

While traditionally a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party would call for croquet, it can be tricky to find willing flamingos at the last minute (and without getting into a whole lot of strife with PETA). Instead opt for games like ‘Pin the grin on the Cheshire Cat’ or unleash your creative side and ask all of your guests to paint their very own whacky tea pots.

Tiki Hens Party Theme

Hens Night Idea 5: It’s Tiki Time!

Looking for a hen’s party idea straight out of Mad Men? Then give your hen’s party a glamorous retro makeover and go tiki!

The Food

If it’s the real taste of the South Pacific you’re looking for then you simply can’t go past a gourmet seafood spread. Think smoked salmon blinis, freshly shucked oysters and sticky garlic glazed prawns. Just be sure to wash it all down with a range of tropical rum cocktails served in hollowed out pineapples or coconuts.

The Costumes

This one is a no-brainer! If you’re going to pull off the perfect tiki hen’s party theme then you go hula or you go home. Dust off that coconut shell bikini and get ready to flaunt that tan, because nothing beats a hen’s party full of sexy hula dancers. Just remember to bring some spare double sided tape, you never know when a wardrobe malfunction will strike.

The Styling

Want to really capture the spirit of the tiki? Then styling is everything! Think tiki torches, tropical flower arrangements and enough palm fronds to transform your space into your very own tropical island paradise. Can’t get your hands on the real thing? Then add a tongue-in-cheek element with some cheeky inflatable palm trees and tiki totems.

The Games

A great tiki themed hen’s party demands the games to match! Why not show off those yoga skills with a limbo competition, or get ready to shake your hips with a hula hoop competition. But be careful, make sure you’re well stretched before attempting anything too strenuous – otherwise you might find yourself hobbling down the aisle on crutches.

Wheres Wally Hens Party Theme

Hens Night Idea 5: Where’s Wally

Want to add a little mystery to your hen’s party? Then we’ve got the ultimate theme for you! Channel your inner adventurer with a Where’s Wally theme that’ll capture your guest’s imagination and jog your inner childhood.

The Food
When it comes to catering for a wild and whacky Where’s Wally hen’s party you can’t go wrong with a tasty red and white theme, Think red and white frosted cupcakes, white chocolate dipped strawberries and just enough Aperol spritzes to lubricate the whole “Wally vs Waldo” argument.

The Costumes
If you’re looking to nail your hen’s party costume, then don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Sure you could all dress up as Wally or Wenda, but don’t forget about some of the other loveable characters that make the series so exciting like Wally’s nemesis Odlaw. Or better yet make the ultimate statement with a sexy take on some of Wally’s closest pals – because nothing says “BAM right in the childhood” quite like the Wizard Whitebeard in drag.

The Styling
Whether it’s adorable red and white striped drinking straws or fun balloons, you styling your Brisbane hen’s party can be as simple as picking out the right decorations. However, if you’re really looking to make your theme stand out from the crowd (or in Wally’s case, not) then consider filling your party venue with cardboard cut outs for guests to hide amongst so you can recreate your very own Where’s Wally game.

The Games
Go all out with your hen’s party game and recreate the magic of Where’s Wally with your very own groom hunt. All you have to do it strategically place pictures of the groom around the venue and bar and encourage your guests to collect as many copies as possible, the team with the most pictures at the end wins!


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