10 Ways To Announce You’re Engaged

10 Ways to Announce You’re Engaged

So you’ve decided to make it official. Congratulations! What a tremendously exciting time of your lives. The only thing left to do is to decide how you’re going to shout it from the rooftops for the whole world to hear. However, we all know that in this day and age a phone call to mum and dad just isn’t going to cut it. So if you’re looking for a fun ways to announce your engagement, then look no further, because we’ve been crawling through Pinterest and have got 10 great ideas to make your engagement announcement officially awesome.

Engagement pets

Say it with pets

This isn’t just puppy love, this is the real deal. So when it comes to finding a unique and fun way to announce your engagement nothing quite compares to letting your favourite four legged friends do the talking. Whether it’s popping a cute, hand written sign around Fido’s neck or teaching your parrot to sing it out loud (and hope that he forgets the dirty words your little cousin Bobby taught him in the process), sometimes it’s perfectly ok to let your engagement announcement go to the dogs.

Letterpress engagement ideas


If you’ve been struggling with coming up with an idea for how to announce your engagement on social media, then maybe it’s time to ditch the modern route and go for a more classic approach. Take a tip from Little Peach Letterpress and impress your family and friends with a beautiful custom announcement card.

Letterpress engagement

You’ve decided to make your love official, so why should your engagement announcement be any different?

Engagement Announcement Sand

Draw it in the sand

Sometimes the most clever engagement announcement ideas are the simplest and nothing could be more simple (and hey, who are we kidding cheap is a bonus) than writing your announcement in the sand. Take a trip to a romantic beach that’s special to you, whack on a dreamy Instagram filter and hey presto! You’ve got yourself a social media savvy announcement without having to hurt your hip pocket.

Ways to Announce your engagement

Throw a cocktail party

If you’re going to celebrate something as important as your upcoming nuptials you may as well do it with a drink in your hand. So if you’re still ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ about how to announce your engagement to your family and friends, why not throw an intimate cocktail party? With a great range of functions spaces and packages to choose from, we’ll take care of the details so you can focus on the important things, like keeping crazy Aunty Rita away from your future in laws – oh god, she’s bringing out the photos from her latest holiday to Thailand, EVERYONE RUN! 

Skywriting Engagement

Write it in the sky 

Ok say maybe it’s a little bit extravagant but when it comes to fun ways to announce your engagement you just can’t beat some good old fashioned sky writing. But be warned, try to avoid any pet names or nick names, otherwise you might find yourself having to explain whether you really love Richard, or just his…never mind.

Ideas to announce Engagement

Scrabble Letters

Want to score some serious points with your word loving partner? There’s nothing quite like a romantic, candlelit engagement around a scrabble board. Take this rare opportunity to really spell out your love for the whole world to see and turn your next game of ‘words with friends’ into ‘words with fiancée.’ Talk about a triple letter worthy engagement announcement.

Love coffee mugs

A Hot Cup of Love

It’s the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning – no, not your fiancée, we’re talking about coffee – so why not give your engagement announcement a serious caffeine boost thanks to some cute custom painted mugs. Cosy, kitsch and guaranteed to rack up some serious Instagram love, this is one engagement announcement idea with a double shot of fun!

Ways to Announce Engagement

Custom Balloons

Here’s one engagement announcement idea that’s sure to get you pumped up! Make a dramatic and whimsical statement with your very own custom balloons. Whether they’re some fun printed balloons with your photograph on them, or chic silver and gold inflatable letters, there’s no limit to the fun you can have with this creative approach to your engagement announcement.

Ways to announce your engagement


Warning, this engagement announcement idea is most definitely not for the faint hearted. But if you’re willing to take the plunge, getting a commemorative tattoo of your engagement is a sure fire way to get people talking. Want to get extra mileage out of this investment? Try booking your wedding for the same day as your engagement, that way you’re guaranteed to never forget your anniversary date.

Engagement Montage

Photo Montage

Ok so it’s a little bit cheesy, but with a ring as beautiful as yours, who wouldn’t want to show it off with a romantic photo montage? With so many great free apps available, it’s not only a fun way to announce your engagement, but it’s gentle on your hip pocket too! Besides, when else will you get the chance to show off that nonchalant “Oh this? This is just my fabulous engagement ring, no big deal” pose. Remember – in this day of social media, your ex is always watching.

However you plan on announcing your big day, let our team get you to the church on time with a great range of function packages suitable for every taste and budget.

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