Kids Party Venue

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Kids Birthdays come around quickly, and every year the battle begins to throw the most unique and memorable party for your little one and their friends. Brisbane is host to a number of kids party venues, with options to suit nearly everyone. Choosing a kids party venue depends largely on the age of your child and the type of activities they wish to be doing. Consider the following few factors when searching for kid party venues:

The entertainment: Younger children need a lot more entertainment, party additions like clowns, face painters and performers all require a lot of space. Issues with function space, health and safety and personal venue rules will all affect the amount of entertainment allowed.

Activities: Most kids party venues are open to allowing activities such as crafts, pass the parcel and other classic party games. However, always check with the venue first so they know how to cater to your needs.

Dietary Requirements: Kids with known allergies and dietary requirements are always on the rise. Give your venue plenty of notice so there’s time to make alterations to the menu.

Brisbane’s kids’ party venues and their wonderful staff are always happy to accommodate. Ensure you’re organised and start planning in advance so both you and the venue have time to adapt to any changes.