30 Ideas For Your 30th Birthday Party

This is it, the big 3-OH! You’ve finally made it to the next big phase in your life – your 30th birthday. Whether you’re sliding into this new chapter with a cheer or anticipating it with feat, the time has come to seriously consider your options for your big dirty 30. Strap yourself in and […]

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Speech Writing Tips For Your 21st Birthday

21st Birthday Speech Writing Tips Birthdays: cake, presents, parties … speeches. Yep, Dad’s getting on and wants to reminisce, friends are celebrating their 21st birthday party and want jokes that’ll dull the pain, and your third cousin just wants some filler while the candles are being lit. If you’ve been “privileged” with the task of presenting […]

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21st Birthday Party Ideas

Your 21st birthday party is a milestone event that you will never forget.  Unfortunately, when you celebrate your 21st it’s usually around the same time as all your mates, so while you may not forget it, for everyone else those 21st Birthday parties tend to blur into one. If you want your birthday to really […]

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