8 Of The Best 21st Birthday Party Ideas


Your 21st birthday party is a milestone event that you will never forget. Unfortunately, when you celebrate your 21st it’s usually around the same time as all your mates, so while you may not forget it, for everyone else those 21st Birthday parties tend to blur into one. If you want your birthday to really stand out, consider one of the following 21st Birthday party ideas.


21st Birthday Party Idea 1: Black and White

If you want your 21st to be a classy and totally insta worthy affair, a black and white theme is a great way to go. This dress code is easy to abide and will ensure all your guests look their very chicest. By wearing red you can be sure that no matter what you are always the center of attention. Now that you’re nearly 21 it’s time to put away the cruisers and get yourself a cocktail. Speak to a bartender about designing some signature drinks for your big event.


21st Birthday Party Idea 2: Latin Fiesta

Latin Fiestas are having a moment on the 21st birthday party scene and for good reason. A fiesta is a fun and colourful celebration that your friends and family will love.  For your 21st Fiesta decorate your event space with as much colour as possible. Organise a variety of Latin inspired dishes bursting with exotic flavours to be served to you and your guests.  It wouldn’t be a 21st birthday party without cocktails, so stay on theme organize some cocktails that incorporate the popular Central and South American spirit ‘mezcal’.


21st Birthday Party Idea 3: Weekend Away on the Gold Coast

Why have a birthday party when you can have a birthday weekend? Gather the gang and head to the Gold Coast for a luxurious couple of days spent relaxing on world-class beaches and evenings hanging out at the wide range of quality restaurants and bars the area has to offer. If you’ve got a big group, you may want to consider hiring out a waterfront property via Airbnb. This is suprisingly affordable with a big enough group.


21st Birthday Party Idea 4: Private Party with Spit Roast Catering  

Having your 21st in your private home is a great way to ensure every element of your big night is exactly how you like it without the restrictions of a commercial venue. Just because you are hosting your party at home, doesn’t mean you can and your guest shouldn’t feast like you’re at a five star venue. Fire Cue provides catering to private events and will bring an incredible Latin style spit roast right to your door. This exotic catering choice is sure to have your friends talking long after the hangovers subside.


21st Birthday Party Idea 5: Luxurious Pool Party

If you happen to be a summer baby, a pool party is a unique way to celebrate turning 21. We’re not talking about a kids pool party in the backyard with games and your Dad on the BBQ, we’re talking a Malibu style luxury Pool Party with cocktails, a DJ and possibly a buffet style food station with plenty of light and refreshing summer dishes.


21st Birthday Party Idea 6: Glamping

For those who love the outdoors, glamping or camping could be the ultimate 21st experience. Or if actually glamping is too much, stick to a glamping inspired party theme. Pick an outdoors destination and light up the space with festoon lights. Set up teepees, place rugs and throw cushions on the ground around low slung tables. Organise a live musician for the start of the night and then switch to big speakers and the ipod later on when the dancing begins. Have a BBQ going with grilled meats, burger stations and salad bars. Don’t forget the pièce de résistance; a blazing campfire.


21st Birthday Party Idea 7: Intimate Feast

There are only so many 21st birthday parties you can attend before the stock standard over crowded, booze filled events get a little old. Why not treat your best friends to an intimate dinner instead? Set up a drinks tab, fuel your guests with cocktails and a range of share platters and laugh the night away. There’s nothing better than a good meal with great friends. Book out a table at Fire Cue and we’ll design an exquisite menu to suit your taste.


21st Birthday Party Idea 8: Space cowboys

Celebrate your 21st in style with this super fun dress up theme. In honour of an NSYNC classic, think glitter, colored cowboy hats, boots, fun outfits, mesh. Get creative with your friends and design your own outfits. Then dance the night away to groovy tunes, be sure to have a photographer or photobooth present to capture all the awesome outfits.